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Becoming | Limited Edition


As part of EH's Go Forth Collection, a skillfully hand-engraved tree ring design adds yet another element of adventure: the story of you.

Tree rings mark the annual growth of a tree's life. The light and dark lines reveal the climates of the seasons that a tree experienced. Much like our own lives, we are marked by seasons: seasons of drought, seasons of grace like rain; of tribulation and endurance; of growth in wisdom and strength. Reminiscent of our unique fingerprint, the wood grain tells a story all its own...

Wear our Becoming pendant necklace in honor of the story of your life; the beautiful culmination of where you've been and where you're going. Because your story isn't over yet... 


Every piece within our collection is engraved by hand.

All our engraving is done by Artist and Master Penman Jake Weidmann. Jake is certified as one of only nine Master Penman left in the world and he is the youngest by three decades. 

See more of his artwork at


We use Argentium silver and high-quality gold-filled options when creating these necklaces. These materials are affordable while also easy to maintain long-lasting lustrous shine. Please see our Jewelry Care to see how to best care for your Heirloom.


Your order is packaged to perfection with a presentation-style gold foiled card with a short description of the craftsmanship involved to create your custom necklace. If purchasing multiple necklaces at once, please know that each necklace comes with its own separate necklace card but will be shipped together.


Shipping currently takes 3-4 weeks BEFORE processing your order. We۪ are carefully creating the beauty you۪re looking for! Thanks so much for your patience! Please contact us with questions about shipping time if you have concerns. Thank you!