Bennet Box Collection

Everyday Heirloom Co.


Introducing EH's Bennet Box Collection! These round vintage-inspired plush jewelry boxes are the perfect addition to your customized Heirloom. Simply add these to your cart and we'll package your piece in your box of choice.

We've wanted to feature a box design that felt right on brand with EH's timeless look + heirloom feel for a while now. We've finally found it in our all-new Bennet Box Collection that features plush round jewelry boxes that remind me of something my great-grandmother would've had on her dresser. 

The Bennet Box Collection features a classic color pallet, inspired by the English countryside. Who wouldn't fall in love with Ivory, Sea Glass, English Garden Green, or Earl Gray? I'm excited to know which one is your favorite!

Choose between a ring or a pendant box from this collection and make your next order all the more #HeirloomWorthy

Interesting Insight: Fellow Jane Austen fans, this one is for you! The inspiration for this collection's name was inspired by the heroine of 'Pride and Prejudice,' Elizabeth Bennet. It was only fitting to name this timeless collection after one of the greatest, most complex characters ever written, don't you think?

How to Order:

Choose your box style (ring box or pendant box) and select your preferred color. Please see the menu for options. 

Additional Product Details:

Round soft-suede boxes lined with color-matched, soft-suede material. Available Ivory, Sea Glass, English Garden Green, Earl Gray. Please specify color and style of box when ordering.


Ring Box Details
Approx. Length: 2 1/4 In
Approx. Height: 2 In
Approx. Width: 2 1/4 In



Pendant Box Details

Approx. Length: 2 1/2 In
Approx. Height: 1 9/16 In
Approx. Width: 2 1/2 In