Go Forth Collection | The story + inspiration

"For you shall go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and the hills before you shall break forth into singing and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands." | Isaiah 55:12
When Jake and I were dreaming up this collection, the idea seemed to stumble upon us -- and at the same time -- it seemed to flow out of our hearts and hands like it had always been a part of us. And in a beautiful and mysterious way, it had always been a part of us; growing us and shaping us, until finally, it manifested itself into the story we are now telling...
Our studio is nestled in the Colorado foothills and just beyond these rolling, craggy hills is the majestic Rocky Mountain range. The view from our studio is one that feels intimately ours as we look out across its glorious ridge. God has so personally spoken to us through His creation that greets us each morning and sends us off to sleep only after the sun sinks vibrantly into the blue hills, broadcasting a cascade of color into the clouds.
So in this way, our Go Forth Collection is a personal one: creating pieces that symbolize so much of our own story; representing the nature that envelopes us, inspiring us in our creation process.
And at the same time, this collection represents a spiritual "coming home" that isn't just for us, but for you as well. Jake always says, "that which is most personal is most universal, and that which is universal is most personal." I believe I'm beginning to understand what that means here in the context of this collection. The message within each piece is created to minister to the deep valleys of our soul; to water the thirsty crevices of our heart; to find ourselves embraced by joy and peace as we make our way forth...as we make our way home.
While this collection is imbued with our personal story, it is detailed with the universal spiritual Truth: a beckoning upward and onward; a calling; a coming home. 
In this collection, you'll find the Peace Pine represented on our 9mm round pendant; the Further Up Heirloom Pendant engraved with a compass like a rising sun behind a mountain peak; the Range Rejoice Heirloom Bar that displays a gloriously detailed engraving of a mountain range; and last, the Becoming Heirloom Pendant which is hand shaped and engraved to mimic the natural beauty of a center-cut tree, revealing its story in its rings. 

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