Materials used in all EVERYDAY HEIRLOOM CO. pieces are carefully selected to ensure the best quality possible. While we have created a standard of using 14k gold materials, select designs are available in gold-filled, gold vermeil and sterling silver options. These metal/gold material alternatives are high in quality, and with proper care and storage, you will have affordable jewelry that lasts. Here are a few recommendations to ensure your everyday jewelry remains heirloom-worthy.

Humidity and beauty products (such as hairsprays, perfumes, and lotions) may contain harsh chemicals that can tarnish your jewelry over time (including 14k gold). Believe it or not, body chemistry, though a bit of a wild card, is also a considerable factor in quick tarnishing. Gently wipe your necklaces of any products and skin oils with a soft jewelry polishing cloth for day-to-day maintenance. Store in a dry place when not in use.

For deep cleaning, use warm water and a wild soap bath. We highly recommend our Deep Clean Bath Jar. Gently use the extra soft toothbrush on the surface of both the pendant and the chain. Never use abrasive products to clean your jewelry. Dry with a soft cloth and be sure it is completely dry before storing.

*Please note that while  many of our necklaces are safe to wear in the shower or while exercising we highly suggest NOT wearing it in water if you can help it. We DO NOT recommend wearing your jewelry in swimming pools. Please inquire further via our CONTACT page if you have any questions.

With any of our *gold-filled and sterling silver options, you may notice your custom engraving darken over time. This is part of the natural "wear" and is to be expected with any gold-filled and sterling silver materials when engraved. 

 If you have customized any of our 14k solid gold items, these materials are made to last and engravings will not darken over time though should still be maintained with care.

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LOVING my necklace so much. [The Laurel Crown] is so well made and beautiful -- makes me want all the EH things!!

Amanda Bible Williams, co-founder of 'She Reads Truth'