About Us

Welcome to another corner of our world!
We are husband + wife artists growing two beautiful babies and building two creative businesses from our foothills studio in Denver, CO.
Jake is a professional artist and certified as one of nine Master Penman in the world. Jake was certified through IAMPETH (International Association of Master Penman, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting) in July 2011. He holds the title as the youngest Master Penman by three decades and the youngest to ever attain the title. A few of Jake's peers (other Masters) have done work for the White House, Queen Elizabeth and even the Pope. His journey into calligraphy has been the "special sauce" for everything he now creates, incorporating the traditional calligraphic flourishing into his fine art. Jake is self-taught in each of his disciplines (calligraphy, painting, drawing, woodworking, and, of course, engraving). Everything "art" makes sense to him. 
I am a writer by nature and love everything involved in the creation of an art piece. More than the finished work, I have become obsessed with the process of becoming. Being the intimate on-looker and recipient of Jake's most meaning-filled art, I have the unique responsibility to capture each story -- our story-- as we lean evermore into our Calling to create.
Our life is marked by an old-world romance with a mission to bring beauty and truth to people through art (psst, our full-time gig is here at jakeweidmann.com). 

Our hand-engraved jewelry is one-of-a-kind and uniquely you as we cusapture the beautiful calligraphic romance of Jake's masterful penmanship in a necklace for you and someone you love. Consider our work a wearable love letter inscribed with your memories, forever etched into your heart.
Our mission with Everyday Heirloom Co. is to infuse beauty into our daily lives; creating a legacy in the midst of the ordinary. While we are capturing your stories in tangible heirlooms, our aim is to encourage you to craft your story with intention --live a powerful, lasting legacy right in the middle everyday life. 
Photography by Winsome + Wright