Meet Hannah

Hannah is a writer by nature and loves everything involved in the creation of an art piece. More than the finished work, she is obsessed with the process of becoming - a theme that marks her personal life and is reflected in her work. Being the intimate on-looker and recipient of Jake's most meaning-filled art, she holds the unique responsibility of capturing each story as she leans evermore into their Calling to create. Her life with Jake is marked by an old-world romance with a mission to bring beauty and truth to people through art.

Meet Jake

Jake is a professional artist and certified as one of nine Master Penman in the world. Jake was certified through IAMPETH (International Association of Master Penman, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting) in July 2011. He holds the title as the youngest Master Penman by three decades and the youngest to ever attain the title. A few of Jake's peers (other Masters) have done work for the White House, Queen Elizabeth and even the Pope. His journey into calligraphy has been the "special sauce" for everything he now creates, incorporating the traditional calligraphic flourishing into his fine art. Jake is self-taught in each of his disciplines (calligraphy, painting, drawing, woodworking, and, of course, engraving).

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J & H Together

Hannah & Jake were married in 2014 in their home state of Colorado and have stacks of hand-written letters as their most treasured heirlooms. They entered into marriage building their first creative business in the world of fine art, Jake Weidmann, Inc., where they travel all around the globe teaching their craft & sharing the stories behind the artwork collection in the JW gallery (although they are devoted homebodies at heart).

They launched Everyday Heirloom Co. in June 2018 and Hannah birthed a son only 3 months after. They chase after two toddlers while maintaining a steady creative production (all by the abundant grace of God and copious amounts of coffee).  

Hannah & Jake recognize that their public calling must never be at the cost of their private calling as husband & wife, dad & mom. They live surrendered to their calling as creatives, artists, spouses and parents and live life from the inside-out, careful not to miss the beauty immediately before them.

One word to describe their life together: FLOURISHING.


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