Adventure + Home: Josefine Svärd of WildWither

Yet another artist collaboration from 2019 that left us with so much gratitude! And this one went global. We're looking back at our collab with Swedish artist Josefine Svärd of WildWither. What I love about Josefine's work is her simple approach to often complex ideas or designs. She works primarily in pen and ink (a medium so familiar to us!) and we loved how she is honing in on this medium and all the beauty it has to offer.

Josefine of WildWither creating illustrated magic in her Sweden studio.

Svärd's artwork is available to collect at

I first was introduced to Josefine after we released our first-ever nib necklace designs. She and I connected over our 'Mightier than the Sword' design because of the meaning of her last name, 'Svärd'-- translated as "sword". It felt like this design was made for her, especially since the aesthetic matched her personality as well. 

Everyday Heirloom's 'Mightier' Nib Necklace design created for Josefine.

Svärd's work often depicts fantastical outdoor scenes which is why it made sense to collaborate with her to celebrate our Go Forth Collection, a curation of pieces that celebrates adventure and home.

The interesting thing is, although our overarching styles are seemingly different, we have much in common in our ideas and this necklace was the perfect crossover between our two worlds.  

It wasn't until later that Josefine and I knew we wanted to collaborate and bring our artistic communities together with a special giveaway. Shortly after we released EH's Go Forth Collection in the summer of 2019, Everyday Heirloom and WildWither came together for a unique giveaway that paired our limited edition Becoming pendant and Svärd's Golden Mountain Enamel Pin

The message behind this duo: What are the peaks and valleys that make up your story? Who are you in the process of becoming? We wanted these pieces to speak to YOUR story and symbolize all that you are and all that you will be. 

It's been amazing to look back and recall all the people and opportunities for growth from 2019. We're so honored that Everyday Heirloom has been an authentic point of meaningful connection for us as we have found so many friends and colleges in this beautiful small brand. So as December waxes and 2019 wanes, we're looking to 2020 with fresh, clear vision expecting even greater depths of purpose as we faithfully put our hands to this work.

Thank you for believing in our work and uplifting us this year as Everyday Heirloom celebrates it's immensely successful 18-months of business! 

With gratitude, 


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