'As We Grow' with Korie Herold of The Weekend Type

You know those people who you feel like you've known forever, so it's hard to remember how you actually met them because, how do you NOT know them? Not only is my business life entangled with Korie's gift of introducing artists to one another, so much so that it feels like her presence and influence is everywhere, but my personal life has been impacted by her warmth and generosity as a dear friend.

So, naturally, I have to share HOW we actually met, how her brand was Everyday Heirloom's first-ever artist collaboration, and where Korie is now with an all-new venture that I can't wait to share with you all.

Korie is best known for her memory book collection which began with 'As You Grow,' a modern baby book that grew in high-demand when it was curated by Joanna Gaines as part of her baby must-haves after baby Crew was born. I found Korie through Magnolia in July of 2018 and immediately purchased my own copy of the book to celebrate and capture the milestones of my newborn, Henry, who was born September of that year.

There was something about Korie and her work that spoke to me at a different level -- I get this insight with very few people but had it with her. I followed her work on Instagram and not only did I love her work, I loved her as a person. Oh, the world wide web really can be a beautiful thing. 

Where the magic happens. Korie's studio with a wall of inspiring watercolors in her signature style.

In October of 2019, Korie re-launched her brand, The Weekend Type, to not just revolve around her work, but is now a brand that curates artists of all kinds as an online gallery. She shares other artists' work, highlighting what makes them unique, and making their work, and art as a whole, accessible to buyers around the world. Her vision is inspiring, her endurance is lasting, and her encouraging friendship, lifechanging.  

In December of 2018, we created for Korie a custom necklace as a gift to thank her for her light and presence in the world of social media. I really had no intention of having her share her custom piece, but only ever as a true means of thanks for her purity of heart and love for her craft. 

The backside leafy vinework of Korie Herold x Everyday Heirloom collab.

Thanks to Instagram DMs, Korie and I were soon speaking on a regular basis and she later approached EH about a custom design collaboration in honor of her second book release, 'As We Grow,' a marriage memory book in the same style as her baby book. As a husband and wife team and with our hearts on fire for marriage and documenting our love story, we enthusiastically said "YES!"

The frontside engraving, "Love Grows" of the KH x EH collaboration piece to pair alongside As We Grow in a giveaway to celebrate the book launch.

The necklace we chose is our Modern Heirloom Bar that we customized with 'Love Grows' on the front in our calligraphic script with the backside engraved with leafy vine work to marry Korie's signature style seen throughout her body of work. This collaboration was then paired with a copy of her newest book as a giveaway to Korie's avid following. 

Korie's second book, As We Grow, A Modern Memory Book for Married Couples made its debut April 2019. Photographed with EH's Classic Leaf Curved Bar necklace.

And later, we were excited to create our ever-popular Classic Leaf Pattern Curved Bar necklace for Korie that she customized with the backside to read, "Better Together," which honors her marriage and her husband, Joel. This kind of work is what makes us come alive and we couldn't have been more honored by the way Korie has seen us, uplifted us and commissioned our work.

 As I look back on 2019, I can't help but remember the people it brought into our lives and how they've elevated our calling and creation here at Everyday Heirloom. Korie, I'm so grateful for the ways you saw me, sought me out, and pursued relationship. You have taught me so much about business as a fellow rockstar mom and creativepreneur, but what's more, about friendship, and it couldn't have come at a better time. I can't count my blessings without counting you!


All my love + gratitude, 


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