Behind the Name: Everyday Heirloom

Jake and I are big believers in Form and Function. Not only do we believe that everyday items should work well but they ought to be beautiful, too.

When I came up with the name, it was one of those things that popped into my head as if it had always existed deep inside me somewhere. And I believe that it has. Everyday Heirloom comes from this idea that I've adhered to all my life, and marrying an artist, this idea became a pillar on which we stand.

Much of our shop's name got its inspiration from a speech that Jake gave on stage in front of thousands for his second TEDx Talk the summer of 2018. In his talk, he speaks to the idea that legacy isn't something to be put on a shelf and admired, but it is to be put to work by the current generation, even improving upon it for generations to come and do the same again, and again...You can watch that very speech here and listen for yourself.

So much of our legacy can be told through relics and heirlooms. I love that, don't you? How handmade quilt stitches together lines of the maker's story, needle and thread weaving tales to be told only in the unfolding of the carefully laid squares of fabric; how antique dishes cause us to remember the times gathered around the table with our loved ones; a hand engraved locket with the tiny darling photos of those we cherish and hold dear to our hearts...

These are the things to be used, not only to be admired but to be employed in our daily lives, enriching them with their stories, craftsmanship and personal history.

Everyday Heirloom is creating modern heirlooms with the utmost attention to detail and craftsmanship, love and care; giving you a tangible treasure that tells your story for generations to come.

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