Farewell & Hello

Happiest, Hope-filled New Year, friend. As we begin anew in 2021, we look back on all the blessings that brought us to where we stand today, and whew, we wouldn't be here without your love + support. 

With new comes change, inevitably. And change is in the air. Beautiful, glorious breezes of change. Which brings me to our beloved Vintage Botanical Collection – we have seen the end of this collection as it has begun phasing out of the EH collection already. 

Massively popular in 2020, it was a growing guide to remind us of beautiful things amidst a year --and a season-- of much uncertainty. We know One Thing is certain: God's beautiful promises are blooming (even when it doesn't feel like it). His purposes have deep roots  (may we have hearts that abide there). & We can plant hope for tomorrow (because we know Hope himself). 

With cheerful, grateful hearts, we bid farewell to the Vintage Botanical Collection. There are very few total pieces to collect and when they are gone, they're gone for good. They could sell out in a month's time, they could be gone as soon as a week. We know how beloved these designs have been for us personally and we can't wait to craft the very last of this limited edition collection just for you.

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