Ruth Chou Simons wears EH

It’s my joy to share the work of my friend, Master Penman, Jake Weidmann and his talented wife, Hannah Weidmann, owner of Everyday Heirloom. Our two families live on opposites sides of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, but we’ve had the pleasure of spending time with the Weidmann’s at their home studio, meeting their children, and introducing the Simons boys to the art process behind Jake’s calligraphy, painting, drawing, sculpture, and engraving.

I received their “Seraphim” necklace in gold --a gift I will treasure always. I speak and write a lot about worship --truly worshiping Christ in our everyday lives. The seraphim were beings with a posture of reverence and humility before a holy God, and this piece reminds me to align my heart with that kind of awe and wonder.


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