Soul Care for the Artist

A bit of soul care for the artist:⠀

Are you feeling stuck, uninspired, or forgetting why you’re doing what you’re doing? We’ve certainly been there a time or two and these are three key ingredients we consider to get back to creating impactful, life-giving work.⠀

UNPLUG: We challenge you to put down your phone, close your laptop and put serious boundaries on screen time.
We’ll be honest: it may seem like we have a constant presence here on social media, but we're only ever on here within the designated hours we’ve intentionally set aside for it. It’s an honor to share our work with you, truly. But for the majority of the precious hours of our lives? We're knee-deep in my work, obedient to our Calling, honing our craft and far away from any screen. That, and we're spending time with the people who mean the most to us: one another and our beautiful family. ⠀

Get back to your craft by diving into a passion project. Having childlike wonder about your work is something so vital to keeping creativity fresh and keeping your work anew. Because doing anything long enough will feel like a chore sometimes. Yep, we feel it, too. Remember what it felt like when you first picked up the pen? Paintbrush? Chisel? Fill in the _____? Get back to that with eyes brimming with wonder. Which brings us to our next point:

BEHOLD: There is nothing like a glowing sunset; bending down to view the glimmer in our children’s eyes and the golden rays within their laughter; the passion in one another's kisses; the general awe and wonder of life itself and applauding the Master Artist for putting each detail in its place. Studying these things, beholding such beauty brings us to awe and wonder every time. The best work is created from this humble place: knowing that there is nothing new under the sun—and yet— there is something being made new within us both each time we faithfully put paint, ink, chisel to a blank canvas...

So if you’re wondering “where do I go from here?” Unplug, renew and behold. Beautiful things await you. ⠀

What would you include in this short list of soul care? We’d love your insight. ⠀
We hope this finds you flourishing, 

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