Stewarding Well with Haven + Pine

As we look down the final month of 2019, we wanted to share in a blog series the collaborations from 2019 that made us come alive. It takes a unique person, brand and company that made us say, "Yes! Of course!" to a special collaboration time and again. Our 2019 was filled with meaningful artist collaborations and it took Everyday Heirloom down surprising and beautiful paths that we could have never dreamed of.

The first artist collaboration we want to honor was in partnership with Ginny and Meghan of Haven + Pine.  How we met? We were both featured in Ruth Chou Simons' 2018 Favorite Things Gift Guide and were introduced with mutual gratitude! We immediately began following one another's work and, while I can't speak for them, I'll tell you that I was completely smitten with their work + mission.

Meghan wearing our Custom Curved Bar with, "Stewarding Well" engraved on the front

Together, we teamed up for a giveaway where Everyday Heirloom created a one-of-a-kind engraving of Haven + Pine's mantra + mission, 'Steward Well' on our Modern Heirloom Bar. In addition to the custom necklace, the giveaway was completed with a Haven Box of choice (these are thoughtfully curated boxes for Home, Labor + Delivery, + Guest) which serve as signature trademarks of Haven + Pine products. 


"Haven making is deeply rooted in both of us, along with our passion to encourage and celebrate others.  Haven + Pine has been stirring in our hearts long before we even knew it could be something.  It was born through making our houses a home, decorating each others delivery rooms, establishing new traditions- all while folding PILES of laundry, and training little hearts.  Our prayer is that we would steward well the moments we’ve been given because we never get them back." |  Ginny + Meghan

Haven Wooden Box

More than the collaboration itself and the business aspects aside, I deeply admire these two women and now, with immense gratitude, I call them both friends and kindred spirits. Their friendship, marriages, and craft bring glory to God, and without them knowing, they have ministered to my own heart as they faithfully put their hands to the work before them. These two have reminded me time and time again to steward well the moments I've been given.

Guest Haven

It's amazing how connections have presented themselves to us in 2019 and Haven + Pine and the women behind this beautiful brand are among our greatest honors from the year. Ginny + Meghan, we adore you! 2019 would not have been the same without you and I'm so excited about how God will grow our businesses and friendship in the New Year!

With great love + admiration, 

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