Stay Home Giveaway: How we're coping with COVID-19

We need community now more than ever. As we all stay home and uphold #socialdistancing within the physical realm, let’s not forget that we get to lean in here and be light to one another in these uncertain times. ⠀

I’ve been so encouraged by my community of fellow artists + mamas who have navigated our current world with immense grace and who have seen this “extra” time as an opportunity to create work that uplifts the soul and love their families with renewed intention. ⠀

I’m honored to partner with professional photographer Katie Lamb and artist + author Korie Herold to bring you a {BIG} heartfelt giveaway that blesses and encourages you to document beauty right where you are!⠀

This collaboration was inspired by the desire to cultivate community, creativity and explore nature’s abundant beauty and life (🌱we see you, spring). We’ve joined hands to bring you one epic life-giving GIVEAWAY. 

We hand engraved a custom pecan branch inspired by Korie's original watercolor on one of our Vintage Botanical designs. Did you know that the pecan tree symbolizes immunity, strength, and abundance? We love how this tree is symbolizing so much of what the COVID-19 Stay Home quarantine looks like for our culture. 

To see the current giveaway (March 26 - April 4), click here. 

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