Bloom Where You are Planted: The inspo for our 2020 Spring/Summer collection

Bloom where you are planted. Our latest limited edition collection for Spring 2020 brings with it a prayer for you: that no matter what season you find yourself in that you're encouraged to plant roots -- and bloom -- right where you are!

Back when EH was very brand new (I mean, we still are!) I've dreamt of releasing something with florals. Not because they're totally "on trend" right now, but because of the truth that florals so often share in their beauty has themed my life since I can remember...

...Admiring my mother's flower garden from my toddler years to later planting a garden together the summer before I married Jake...

...When Jake and I were dating, he would curate bouquets of flowers based on their meaning (he would research and use them to tell a message all their own, including their specific color meanings, too)!

...Picking wildflowers on Colorado mountain hikes in my growing-up years...

...Collecting books that reveal floral meanings in our personal library, one of our favorites being, 'Langauge of Flowers' that discusses the Victorian meaning of the most beloved florals. 

...& in addition to a life themed in flowers, I thought, "how unique would it be to capture the vintage beauty of botanical illustrations in a necklace pendant?" In true EH fashion, these engravings would be a detailed account of the floral's unique shape. What a challenge to fit this kind of detail on an 18mm sized pendant! But, by golly, I think we've done it! 

Like everything we create here at EH, not only do we craft beauty, but we want to tell a story. Story is everything and we love how beauty can be used to tell that story. So when we decided to launch the Vintage Botanical Collection, we knew that we wanted to tie messages of truth that you could wear as daily reminders. So not only do these pieces honor your birth month, but they're a sort of prayer over your life. This is the most fun part for me. As a writer, I love the research and delving into a widely accepted meaning of a flower and uncovering what deeper truth we can grab hold that is worthy of adorning ourselves with. 

The broader message we wanted to encourage you with through this collection is to bloom where you are planted. Not just grow deep roots (though that's a part of blooming) but to truly, extravagantly bloom like the unique and beautiful person you were created to be. We loved this idea that "a flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms." And that's what you were created to do, too. You are fearfully and wonderfully made and YOU are worth celebrating, friend!

In twelve timeless vintage botanical illustration designs, each represents a month of the year. (Plus five bonus botanicals slowly releasing throughout summer 2020!) Find your birth month's botanical (or any month that represents a milestone in your life!) and collect from this limited edition series. 

And remember, friend: you have permission to BLOOM.

Discover your Birth Month Botanical:














BONUS Botanicals:

Cherry Blossoms

Magnolia | Coming Soon

Tulip | Coming Soon

Columbine | Coming Soon

Peony | Coming Soon

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